The company specializes in innovative, modern designs that are in step with the latest world-wide trends. Its imaginative, contemporary approach results in interiors that are modern, well thought out, practical and above all, incorporate ’s vision of their individual personality. IKON’s corporate clients in Kenya  included Safaricom, Airtel, Seven Seas Technologies, GT Bank, Ericsson (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania), JW Seagon, Simbanet Technologies, The British Council, ABC Bank, Trade Bank, Guilders International Bank, Fidelity Bank and The Electricity Regulatory Board amongst others. In Botswana they include CEDA and The National Development bank. In Afghanistan – Roshan Communications. IKON DESIGNS LTD is committed to timely completions and realistic budgets. In addition, the best contractors are used in all projects to achieve a superior standard of workmanship.

IKON DESIGNSLTD is a dynamic well established design company under the directorship of a talented, Kenyan-born designer, Manmit Jabbal.

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