Design Process

Interior Design works for all Interior projects are done in the following stages:

A. Outline proposals

  1. Analyzing client requirements – establish how each department operates presently and how this could be made more efficient.
  2. Instructing the quantity surveyor and consultants as necessary.
  3. Preparing, describing and illustrating outline proposals.
  4. Informing client of any major decisions to be made and amendments
  5. Presentation of the draft layouts to various departments.
  6. Approximate cost of proposal.
  7. Amendments to the draft proposal.
  8. Seek Client’s approval for next stage.

B. Scheme design

  1. Preparing scheme design with the quantity surveyor and other consultants as appropriate
  2. To include drawings and outline specification sufficient to indicate spatial arrangements, materials and appearance
  3. Presenting report/drawings on scheme
  4. Cost estimate
  5. Project program
  6. Seek clients approval

C. Detail design, production information, bills of quantities

  1. Detailed design incorporating any design work by consultants and nominated subcontractors and suppliers
  2. Carrying out cost checks
  3. Obtaining quotations and information from nominated subcontractors and suppliers
  4. Preparing production drawings and specification of materials and workmanship required
  5. Supplying information necessary for preparation of the bills of quantities if any

D. Tender Process

  1. Advertise to pre-qualify sub-contractors for joinery works and furniture.
  2. Invite Bids from various nominated sub-contractors and suppliers for interior fit-out and furniture.
  3. Opening of tenders and evaluation of Tenders by QS.
  4. Award of contract for the interior fit-outs.

E. Project Implementation

  1. Supplying information to contractor, arrange for his possession of site
  2. Examining contractors programme
  3. Periodic visits to site to check if works are proceeding to documents and programme.
  4. Issuing certificates and other administrative duties under contract.
  5. Management of time.
  6. Testing of interior works and finishes.

F. Practical completion/defects liability period

  1. Commissioning of all works.
  2. Re-measurement of works.
  3. Release of 1st moiety
  4. As built drawings.
  5. Training of staff on any maintenance issues.
  6. Final Handover and release of final moiety.